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Recent changes:

- CD mode reverts to 'one-time-mode' when setting new CD time to reduce unintentional 'repeat mode'
- Bug fix: Some Live Wallpaper settings were not correctly restored after restart/reset
- Bug fix: PRO: Sunset/sunrise times sometimes not correctly initialized in alarm presets


Cronosurf Wave is a chronograph watch app for Android devices and a watchface for Wear OS! No other OS are supported for now. SOME UNSUPPORTED operating systems include: Tizen (Samsung GEAR and GALAXY 3 and earlier), Garmin, HarmonyOS (like Huawei Watch GT2).
If you have a Galaxy Watch 4, please install from Google Play directly on the watch.

This app is based on the original design started 2014 as a web-based technology demonstrator ( Its main focus lays on design, functionality and usability. If you are a chronograph watch lover, you'll find yourself using Cronosurf as your day-to-day app for alarm, countdown timer and stopwatch.

Since Cronosurf has many features, the app includes a comprehensive user manual. The Button Assistant (also available on the web version) labels each button according to the momentary state of the watch and helps you to quickly get familiarized with the basics. To activate it, simply tap on the area above the watch.

Discover all the special features and great usability of Cronosurf Wave. You will love it!

Cronosurf Wave also runs on Wear OS watches without the need of an Android device! Install it directly from Google Play on the watch.

Standalone Android smartwatches are also supported. Note that Cronosurf runs as a regular app on these devices (not as a native watchface).

Key features
- 12-Hour Stopwatch/Chronometer with 1/20 seconds resolution
- 12-Hour Countdown-Timer (CD) with optional automatic repetition
- Daily/Once Alarm (AL) with optional gradual volume
- Optional vibration for AL/CD signals
- Customizable presets for both AL and CD
- World Time with 15 minutes steps
- Current date, day of the week and the unique Cronosurf's monthly calendar
- Innovative 100-year-Calendar
- Week number
- Indication of moon phases
- Compass (when supported by device)
- Screen-On timer
- Analog and digital battery level indicators
- Second hand: pulse or sweep motion
- Set mode supports set-by-drag (not on Wear OS watches)
- Torch function
- Day/Night modes (white/colored components)
- *NEW* Tachymeter in stopwatch mode (experimental)
- Wear OS: Optional automatic Day/Night mode switching via light sensor (when available)
- Wear OS + Android standalone: Auto-Return to TME mode after 1.5 minutes; long press [B] disables for current mode till next mode change
- Wear OS: Optional minimalist ambient mode
- Wear OS: Support for Moto 360 and other 'flat tire' displays
- Live Wallpaper (basic interactivity, customizable background, adjustable size/position; enable it like any other Live Wallpaper.)
- Lots of extra functionality you've probably never seen on other chronographs
- Ad-based, (only small banner, no fullscreen ads)

The PRO version is also available and offers these extra features:
- Ad-free
- 5 customizable colors presets
- 4 instead of 2 presets each for AL and CD
- Quick stopwatch (one button press from time mode)
- Split function for the stopwatch
- Flyback chronograph function
- Thousandths of a second for stopwatch (experimental)
- Tachymeter + Telemeter in stopwatch mode (experimental)
- Reference pointer for the compass
- Weather information for a user defined location (temperature, humidity, sunrise/sunset times)
- Landscape mode support
- For the Live Wallpaper, any image from the gallery can be set as a background image
- Optional automatic Day/Night mode switching via sunrise/sunset times
- Party Mode (automatic color change every couple of minutes)
- Optional hourly chime
- Step counter (experimental)
- Button lock
- The info box shows the watch temperature
- Ambient mode brightness reduction options, 25% and 50%

- Run at startup: For reactivating a pending AL or CD.
- Prevent device from sleeping: While an alarm is being played, so the user can see the watch and stop the alarm.

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