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v 2.3
- 64-bit native support
- General update to newer libraries and small bug fixes


Cronosurf Soccer is made for soccer fans and everyone that likes unusual watches! Based on Cronosurf Breeze, it nicely shows a soccer play field and even lets you kick the ball with the second-hand! There is even a goal and a goal keeper - and yes, you can score goals!

Enjoy all the lovingly created graphics, animation and sound effects. Show it to your friends and challenge them to score a goal in a shorter time than you. Play watch soccer today!

Key features
• Android Wear supported - play directly on your Wear watch!
• **NEW** Reverse kick now also on the free version
• Current date and day of the week with the unique Cronosurf Monthly Calendar
• Continuous indication on date field (serves as an AM/PM indicator)
• Analog battery indicator (optional)
• Keep-screen-on timer for 5 minutes (specially useful for Smartwatches)
• Live Wallpaper with adjustable size and position of the watch. (The standard procedure to enable it: long-press on a free area of your home screen and select "Live Wallpapers".)
• It can run over the screen lock

This is the free version. If you like it and would like to support the development, consider the Pro version, which includes the following extra features:
• Ad-free
• 5 customizable color presets
• **NEW** Goal counter
• **NEW** The info box on Wear now shows the watch temperature
• Option: National flags on the hour markers - after each goal they rotate by one notch
• Landscape mode support
• For the Live Wallpaper, any image from the gallery can be set as a background image

To find out more about Cronosurf, visit

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