Battery Life Extender (Level Notifier)


Battery Life Extender (Level Notifier)

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Recent changes:

Handling of long alarm tones optimized:
- You can now stop a playing long alarm sound pressing the OK of the app (only way to stop when sound was tested)
- Pressing DISMISS on the notification stops the alarm sound if it is still playing


Battery Life Extender helps you keeping your device battery in a healthy charge range in order to get a much longer battery lifespan. This range is by default from 25% to 85%, but it's fully customizable. And it shows an easily readable battery indicator on the status bar. Completely free and no ads!

Lithium-ion based batteries age faster at charging levels below 30% and above 80%. Ideally, staying within these limits and avoiding complete charging/discharging cycles should be completely automatic (some electric car power systems do). Unfortunately, most smartphones do not have (yet) the ability to stop charging without being unplugged*.

Note: Because of this, this app does not automatically extend the life of your battery. It merely assists you so that you can interrupt the charging process at an optimal level.

* (Some devices indeed have this capability, but this requires the device to be rooted. If you are interested in this feature, contact me ([email protected]) and specify your phone model to see if it is elegible. If there is enough interest, I will include this function in the Pro-Features package.)

This app gives you an audible and visible notification (including colored blinking LED when supported by device) when the battery reaches a user-defined LOW and/or HIGH level so that you can plug/unplug the device if convenient. The default range of 25% to 85% is a good compromise between battery care and usability in most cases. As long as you don't dismiss the alert, the sound will repeat every 5 minutes when charging (high level) and every 15 minutes when discharging (low level). About once every other month, we recommend to fully charge and discharge the battery so the internal power gauge can calibrate itself.

You may set a silent period (from-to times) in which the sound will be disabled. The notification symbol and LED will still be shown when a limit is reached.

Battery Monitor shortcut: At the top right corner, the app shows a battery symbol with the current charge level. Pressing it calls the system's own battery usage monitor.

If the levels LOW and/or HIGH are enabled, after reboot, the app will reactivate itself automatically.

This app has been carefully designed to use very little resources.

The Highlights:
• Helps to operate the battery in the healthy range thus significantly extending its lifespan
• User defined LOW/HIGH levels
• Battery indicator on the status bar
• Customizable sounds
• Customizable silent time
• Very user friendly and clean design
• Uses very little resources
• Ad-free!

On Android 7 and newer, please turn off the battery optimization for this app (App info > Advanced > Battery optimization). Otherwise the app will not work reliably.

As of version 3.1.0, we introduced In-App-Purchase. All functionality stays the same for the free version. But if you want to enjoy some extra features, just enable the Pro-Features option in main menu. You will get these new features:

• Logging of plug and unplug times
• Notification tones can repeat 1, 2, and 3 times
• Battery temperature indication (in Celsius or Fahrenheit)

The log of the plug and unplug times will log every charging cycle including time and battery level as well as the duration of each cycle. This will help you better assess how long the charging process takes and how long you are running on battery. There is no limit on the number cycles recorded, and you can delete them individually or as a whole.

Short charging periods or charging interruptions below 5 minutes will be ignored in the log.

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