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This is a mod addon for the minecraft game - in this version we have added many new Pokemon, including pikachu, charmander, charizard! Fascinating skinpack - catch a pokemon - if you can;)


PokeMon Game Mod Minecraft + Pixelmon + Pokecraft Catch and tame PokemonGo friends in Minecraft MCPE

This modification introduces about forty types of Pokémon GO from the universe of the same name to minecraft.
In addition to the Poké themselves, the addon also introduces a wide variety of items related to the Pokédex and Pixelmon universe.

✨ The mod introduces the ability to tame absolutely any pet, each of which has the development of strength and evolutionary form.

✨ What is the meaning of Pokemon?
Each of them has unique abilities, and they will also become excellent companions and excellent comrades-in-arms for the player.
But how can a player get their own unique Pokemon?

✨ It's very simple, the player should craft a Pokéball, which will serve as a tool for getting a pet.
Then the player needs to find a suitable Poke, and taking the Pokeball in hand, throw the Pokeball at the Pokemon.
In a device called the Pokémon Center, the player will select the desired poke to place in their Pokéball.
This means that the player is not limited to taming just one Poke.
When fighting an enemy Pokemon, the player needs to point to the center of the screen and click on the pop-up window.
Your beast and the enemy beast will start a battle in which you can help your allied Pokémon.
Each of the Pokémon can be improved to the tenth level with the help of special sweets.
For example, Bulzaur on the third level evolution will become Ivizaur, and on the fifth - Venusaur.

The modification is perfect for fans of the Pixelmon universe, as well as for those who are not familiar with this universe.

Pokemon Go radar Emulator:
★ 39 new mobs
★ New Crafts tracker
★ New items and buildings
★ Unique animations and sounds memes
★ Fast installation of map + guide
★ duel trainer

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🛑 Disclaimer: Most popular skins and mods games fo free !! The Poke mon ball mod is not an official product of the Minecraft PE game from Mojang. The Poke Poke skin pack is not affiliated

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