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Recent changes:

The mod SUPER HULK for the game of Minecraft:
- new super monsters
- new weapons
- improved display of the DC superhero from the Marvel Universe


Hulk Skin Minecraft Mod Addon - Incredible Marvel Superhero Hulk Avanger in MCPE . Fight the justice league
Bruce Benner is an incredibly talented scientist who worked on the development of the gamma bomb.
One day there was an accident, and in the explosion of the bomb, Bruce saved a boy by standing up to the blow.
Waking up in the infirmary, Bruce didn't feel seriously injured, but at night he turned into the unknown and escaped from the hospital by breaking through a wall.
A soldier in the pursuit squad called him Hulk, which means huge.

The Hulk is often shown as a huge green creature who tears his clothes off when he transforms.
He is very hot-tempered and easily angered.
Over time, however, Bener has learned to control the Hulk, and the once lonely fighter has helped form an alliance of heroes.

Thanks to this modification, players will be able to meet the green giant in person in the world of mintcraft.
However, the Hulk will not be friendly to the player, and at the first opportunity will attack him.
In addition to the Hulk modification also introduces a standalone Iron Man suit, which was specially designed to fight the giant.

In the game you will be able to watch the battle of these giants, as well as be able to help one of the sides.
The modification will be suitable not only for fans of the Marvel universe, but also for those who want to take part in exciting battles.

New mobs:
★ Hulk
★ Iron man

Hulk Hero Features:
★ Two new superhero mobs
★ Epic battle
★ Quick installation

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🛑 Disclaimer: The most popular skins and mods! The Hulk Hero mod is not an official product of Mojang's MCPE game of Meincraft. Hulk Hero skin pack is not affiliated with Mojang AB.

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