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In this version of the Bed Wars mini-game, we added the ability to spawn expensive metals


BedWars PVP Maps Mod Minecraft.Bed wars Check maps for minecraft MCPE PvP War Game - Craft Mobile World

This map was created for the Bedwars mini-game.
Bedwars is a combat mini-game in which teams fight each other for the right to be the last surviving team.
In Blood Wars, teams of 1-8 players spawn on separate floating islands, each of which has their team's bed to defend.
If the bed is destroyed by an enemy, players on that team will no longer be able to respawn.
On the islands of teams there are spawners that generate iron and gold bars, for which you can buy an initial set, various weapons, armor or blocks.
Spawners of precious minerals, which can be used to purchase more valuable items and powerful weapons, are located on the large islands in the middle of the map, but they generate resources less often.
The map is created in the style of the Middle Ages and can accommodate 8 teams.
In the center of the map are the precious metal spawners.
There are also merchants on each island, from whom you can exchange metals for the necessary equipment or blocks.

★ Map for the Bedwars mini-game
★ Has 8 team spawns
★ In the center are expensive metal spawners
★ On each island (except the central one), in addition to the bed, there is a merchant
★ New items have been added to the merchant

Bedwars Features Game:
★ Map for the Bedwars mini-game
★ Fast and easy installation

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🛑 Disclaimer: Most popular skins and mods !! The Bedwars mod is not an official product of the Minecraft MCPE game from Mojang. The Bedwars skin pack is not affiliated with Mojang AB.

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