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Recent changes:

In this version of the Animals and Plants mod, we have added a section with seeds and a vegetable garden. Many animals are still in the game.


Animals - Minecraft Mod Mob PE. Zoo Craft World - baby Animal simulator Addon Map for Minecraft Game MCPE

This modification diversifies the farming process in the game, adding many new animals and plants to it.
If before that you spent most of your time protecting from monsters and collecting resources, then you will have to radically change your mind, because now you will have to devote more time to agriculture.
New types of animals will appear in the game, their behavior will not be radically different from the existing ones.
All new mobs can be multiplied and collected certain resources from them, or simply killed to get meat.
The modification introduces three new types of chickens into the game, as well as a rooster.
Chickens will build nests and lay eggs in them, and they can also be tamed with corn.
Guinea fowls are very shy birds that can also be attracted by corn.
Ducks were also added to the modification, females of which have from 1 to 4 children.
These mobs can only be found in the savannah.
The modification adds many more animals that can be used in farming.
Despite the wide variety of animals, the modification also introduces a lot of plants into the game.
Eggplant, Blueberry, Chili, Bell Pepper, Radish, Tomato and other seeds can be easily found while exploring the world and used for cultivation.
There is also a fertilizer box that allows you to accelerate plant growth within a radius of four blocks.
In addition to vegetables and animals, you can also grow fruit trees such as Mango, Pomegranate, Grape and Orange.
The modification is still in development, so in the future you will find many more interesting items in Minecraft.


★ Attracts absolutely everything that contains corn
★ Birds make nests every hour
★ Eating crops and corn helps to recover

Guinea fowl:
★ Shy Birds
★ Guinea fowls run fast from users or foxes
★ Lay eggs that you can throw and spawn chickens

★ Water birds that live in swamps and near rivers
★ Females have 1 to 4 children
★ They lay eggs every 10-20 minutes

★ Breed goats with wheat
★ You can milk them and collect milk to craft cheese
★ They will furiously search for wheat all over the area and eat up all your supplies

★ Feed them well with seeds
★ Females lay eggs and drop raw meat

Seeds and vegetable garden::
★ Eggplant
★ Blueberries
★ Chile
★ Bulgarian pepper
★ Radish
★ Tomato
★ Broccoli
★ Corn
★ Salad
★ Strawberry
★ Turnip
★ Cucumber

Animal Farm Features:
★ Chickens and ants no longer build nests in large numbers
★ Removed animals that already exist in the game
★ Ducks no longer swim at high speed in water
★ Added a lot of fruits, items, vegetables, foods, blocks
★ Added functions for ants
★ Reduced tree growth
★ New behaviors, textures and animations for all creatures
★ Recipes redone

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🛑 Disclaimer: Most popular skins and mods !! The Animal Farm mod is not an official product of the Minecraft MCPE game from Mojang. Animal Farm skin pack is not affiliated with Mojang AB.

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