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v2Loop - create funny short mini video and share it with your friends. You can add nice loop animation effect that combines reverse, slow motion and loop effects. Make your own original video using our tool. v2loop is creating a mix movie that looks like magic, it includes backward reversed video part, forward video toghether with various slow mo and fast motion settings. Some parts of animation are recording faster, some of them slowlier. They will have different frame rate, and it all will lok like smooth and polished. This app making loop audio and music from your video toghether, so it sounds very funny too. Loop your voice it sounds absurd! This loop maker let you create impression of infinity in the vid. The video never ends if you play it over and over. The beggining is the same like the end, so you can create infinity twirl. Play it later in loop player a lot of times. You will feel like vid and audio dj, the pro editor! The result effect will look like boomerang flying far, and coming back, with different speed.

First record a short video in a loop camera pressing rec, or choose film from gallery, then select a desired fragment that you want to loop over. You can choose from more that 10 different loop effects. You can also add music to your result video.

Become a pro loop recorder now and impress your friends!!!

Some examples you can do in our app:
- you can create loop jump, it will look like you are jumping many times.
- play with your hair in infinity.
- walk looper - walk forever!
- try rec your running and use our loop machine later.
- try with swimming moments
- try recording simple droping the object on the floor,
- experiment and play like magician. All you need is our app and phone.
- consider this as another movie filter.
- record your dog or cat, play with him.

Some features:
- record video from front or back facing camera
- load existing videos from the phone gallery.
- choose many different loops, you can choose 9 of them.
- record in Hd quality,
- add filters to your movie like black and white, polaroid, vintage and much more,
- choose if you want to keep your orginal sounds from the video.
- examples gallery, inspire yourself!
- adding background music.

Hope you like it. If you have any suggestions, please contact us. We are trying to improve this apps using your feedback!

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