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Uni is the best home for your domain names. Built for domain investors but easy to use for anyone, keeping track of your domains and ideas is effortless because our app is thoughtfully built to automate steps you would have to do yourself. You can search and filter, register and manage, transfer and organize, or use full Market access to buy, sell, list, price, and more; in bulk or one at a time.

With over 1,000,000 domains under management, $250,000,000 in premium domain sales by our brokerage team, over 473 domain endings, and an intuitive interface, you're in good hands at Uni.

Advanced features:
• Search, filter, and purchase domain names across 473 name extensions.
• Security comes standard: Authenticate with Touch ID, Google Authenticator, or both.
• Easily organize your names with domain groups and portfolios.
• Bulk update: You can update a single domain or 10,000 all in one fell swoop.
• Update it all: Nameservers, DNS records, forwarding, auto-renewals, AUTH codes, even domain locking.
• Powerful filtering of everything in your account: find exactly what you’re after with ease.
• Payments are made easy with support for multiple payment profiles. Bill for work or personal with a tap.
• Full Market access: List your names for sale, price them, and receive inquiry notifications.
• Set sales landing pages: Domain sales defaults, price in bulk, and pick from multiple sales methods.
• Complete sales inquiry access: Respond to buyers instantly, send checkout, and complete domain sales all from within the app.

Download the Uni App, we think you’ll love it.
We'd love to hear what you think. Tweet us @uniregistry to let us know how it treats you.

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Uni App

Uni App

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  • 3.83