Traffic Control Emergency HD


Traffic Control Emergency HD

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Have fun! In this game you need to control the traffic light on the cross, to the cars do not hit.
The kids will love controlling the traffic.

This version is fully 3D, with new cities and new challenges.
ATTENTION ... Because it is fully 3D, this version only will run well on devices with good performance.

Note that the emergency cars have time to cross the intersection, if they delay and time runs out, you lose the game.

Each emergency car cross the intersection will give you 6 bonus points to be used to increase the time. (touch the emergency car to add time).

If a car crashes at the intersection or the time of an emergency vehicle runs out, you lose the game.

The game has two modes:
Challenge, in this way we must complete a level to open another.
Survival, this mode is open at the feed rate of the levels. In this mode you play to pass the most cars through the intersection.

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