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Super Marshmallow Kingdom

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"A game I can get behind"- CinnamonToastKen

Super Marshmallow Kingdom is one toasts crazy battle against the evil forces of marshmallows, cats, tarts, pigs and more! Sent from king marshmallow who is upset after you ate his muffin. With explosions galore dodge your way through addictive 10 action arcade packed levels while upgrading your crumby abilities.


On a sunny day in a kingdom of marshmallows, Lived two pieces of toast. On this day they were on the hunt for a right old adventure. They searched high and far, but sadness filled their eyes after an unsuccessful day. So they decided to rest their nimble feet. As they sat one of the toasts noticed a small figure on the corner of their eye. A muffin! A mighty quest was revealed upon them as they saw the muffin. But who was to get it? Hmm thought one of the toasts thinking of perhaps there was a way of sharing this muffin."ME" Said one of the toasty man in haste and excitement. He lowered his hand in suspense to grab a piece of that marvelous muffin. Ripping off a piece with haste he shoved a piece of the muffin into his crumby mouth. What the heck! Prescribed the muffled muffin as he awoke from his slumber. The muffin fell with a thump with bits of himself falling upon the ground. In the distance a figure is seen approaching and the words "Mr Moofin i'ma coming" is heard. The disgruntled marshmallow approaches and looks in horror as he sees what is in front of him. The king marshmallow swears vengeance on the toasty men and swears to destroy everything they love.

Super Marshmallow Kingdom is an addictive, arcade action game for kids and beyond. Providing a unique experience while being a timekiller. Use your skill to win the game.

Developed in Stencyl & Originally created for Stencyl jam 2014
Based on Marshmallow Kingdom

Play the smash hit web game here:
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Super Marshmallow Kingdom

Super Marshmallow Kingdom

Massive Monster
  • 3.90