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Recent changes:

1.3.1: Quick hotfix for ad removal getting lost with cloud saves and offline progression not always tracking.

--1.3 Updates--
* Offline Progression - you can now bank up to 12 hours of offline boost that will greatly increase the game speed when you come back to play!

--Quality of Life--
Dozens! Full list in game. Some noticeable ones:
* Text popups for glitches
* Battery life improvements
* Ability to scroll through the timers at the top
* More...!


Speedrunner Simulator is an incremental/idle game about leveling up your skills, learning new tricks and glitches, and beating your favorite game faster and faster every time you play it.

Start with a simple first play-through where each new level is a grind and your moves are weak. Slowly master basic skills which lead to advanced techniques and glitches you can use.

Beat the game in 10 hours... then 8... then 6...

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