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Smart DNS - VPN Proxy Master

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Have blocked websites πŸ˜” in your country and want to access the sites, services that are not available in your country? The Smart DNS VPN Proxy helps you with changing your IP address and DNS to your desired location 😍 so that you can access the internet of the country of your desired choice.

Smart DNS VPN is the most secure and Fast VPN App that has trusted proxy servers that help this VPN Client app to run smoothly. Now you can play games, Watch & Download TV Series, Movies without getting worried about being tracked or having slow internet.

Smart DNS also comes with the hotspot shield so that when you connect to a hotspot and enable Smart DNS VPN your stream data gets more private and secure. Go incognito with Smart DNS VPN with just one click of a button

Why choose Smart DNS VPN App? πŸ€”

Go Incognito - Private VPN Proxy Servers πŸ”’
Privacy is always every man’s right and this VPN helps you preserve privacy with state-of-the-art SSL and IPsec security. So that you can browse the internet with confidence

Fastest VPN Client πŸš€
Connect to any server from around the world and get assured fast speed. Whether you want to do gaming, Have entertainment, or need to download any app or videos, Smart DNS is your Go-To VPN

Easy To Use πŸ˜„
With features like one-click connect, adding your favourite country, and changing the VPN protocol. It becomes very easy to use as it’s got an amazing and simple UI that can be used by anyone

Change IP address 🀩
Change your DNS and IP of your device to locations like the USA, Singapore, Australia, UAE, and more. Shield your online activities and also get access to other country’s internet services

With Premium you get EXTRA

βœ… Faster VPN servers
βœ… Ad-Free Version
βœ… 24/7 priority support
βœ… Unlimited VPN service for a lifetime

Having the best VPN for your device is very important and Smart DNS is the best free VPN for android that you can use for accessing the blocked global internet websites. Whether you live in India, UAE, the USA, or any other part of the world the Smart VPN Proxy app will make sure you browse the internet without restrictions. Hide your IP, Your sensitive information, and search data with state of an art VPN. Download the VPN now for free now

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