SCP 1562 - The Slide (Idle Tycoon Clicker)


SCP 1562 - The Slide (Idle Tycoon Clicker)

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- Russian Language added !!!
- People got faster !!!
- Added new visual improvements !!!


SCP 1562 - The Slide - Idle Clicker Tycoon about SCP Object.
It's a fresh take on clicker games.This is a Idle Tycoon clicker about the story of SCP Slide.

SCP-1562 is a metal playground slide. SCP-1562 was acquired from an abandoned playground. The object's anomalous effects only manifest when a person slides down head-first on their stomach with their arms tucked down at their sides; any other orientation of the body or limbs while sliding results in no effect, and only human beings are affected.

- Watch the SCP slide
- Upgrade the SCP slide
- Play as a SCP slide
- Increase the level of SCP slides
- Engage people in SCP slide

Gaming Features:
- Handpainted Graphics
- Stylish design
- Interesting Physics of People
- Non-standard gameplay
- A new approach to clicker games
- The SCP Slide as main character

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