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Stable proxies added


We are cool because:
- Don't record data on a server
- Default VPN
- Encrypt calls
- Completely free

Updated version of the popular messenger with built-in proxy and VPN & MTProto & Socks


This is a kind of blog that allows you to interact with the audience. Channels are similar to social media publicity, but use them as a personal blog, as a newswire, to promote business and other goals

Developers can create bots that manage programs. These bots respond to specified commands in personal correspondence, channels and large chats

This is a separate type of "regular" chat, where you can add a large number of users and communicate with them. All users can create groups. For better management of a group, the creator can assign administrators and define their functions

Cloud storage
Store files weighing up to 2GB per file for free

Stickers are pictures that can be uploaded as part of a thematic package and inserted into a chat room. It is possible to create your own stickers through a special bot

Secret chat
Secretive chat rooms keep your correspondence private and allow you to communicate safely on any topic. A secret chat is deleted after 24 hours, you cannot take screenshots of it

Two-factor authentication
You can bind your account to a mobile number to protect it from intruders. Now you have to confirm the login to another device through your mobile number

Setting a password for an application
If you need to protect your correspondence from enemies, you can set a password or unlock by fingerprint or face recognition

Calls (Voice call)
Stable, high-quality audio calls that are not intermittent, work very well with a good internet connection

Voice messages
Record voice messages and send them to your friends. There is an X2 function, which will play the voice message twice as fast

Large selection of standard topics. You can choose blue, light or night. If you don't like the standard set, you can easily create a custom theme you like

Animated stickers
New feature that allows you to create and send animated stickers

Messenger is available on all possible platforms, including Linux. You can use it without downloading it, but by opening online web telegrams

A new feature that allows you to create chats attached to a specific GEO position. You can create a chat museum, supermarket, school, residential complex, etc. Users who are at this GEO location will be able to find these chats through a special section

Chat Archiving
If you are prevented by old correspondence in the tape, but you want to keep it - just archive it in a separate section and it will not catch your eye

The Durov brothers promised a $200,000 reward to anyone who could crack the code and read their correspondence. So far, no one has been able to do so

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