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BUG FIX: Addressed a bug that caused the application to crash whenever the user attempts to select a custom background image that is currently stored on an external SD card.


Going to a movie and don't want your phone ringing when someone calls? Entering an important meeting and don't want your phone chirping at every Twitter mention? Then silence it with Ringtone Remote!

Ringtone Remote allows you to conveniently control the ring mode of your phone all from your paired Android Wear device. Leave your phone in your pocket! Just say "OK Google, start Ringtone Remote", select your ring mode of choice, and continue living your life!

Not happy with the default appearance of the Ringtone Remote Android Wear application? Then open the Ringtone Remote phone application to manage it's theme! Change colors, apply a custom background image, and more!

CONTROL VIBRATION - Your phone vibrates if you select the vibrate-only ring mode via the watch.
READ/WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE - Allows the application to cache user defined custom background images.

Discover any bugs or have any feature requests? Send us an email at [email protected]

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Ringtone Remote

Ringtone Remote

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  • 3.80