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--- v1.18.00
- Use Planning-Start also for current day
- Auto-start next task, at check-out
- Improvements of the UI-design


PlanMyDay – The relaxed feeling, to know always, when the most important things will be done!

PlanMyDay allows real time scheduling, because it's more then just an activity manager. Your tasks get scheduled by their importance. Each task gets associated a duration, a priority and other attributes. Then all tasks can be ordered by their importance, simply by changing the order.

This allows at any time an overview, which tasks can be resolved in which time frame.
You can check in the current task, i.e. the elapsed time is counted in realtime. At the same time, the time scheduling for the following Tasks gets continuously updated. This makes PlanMyDay the perfect day-planning tool. Also some users which suffer under ADHD use the app to avoid distractions.

Activities can be imported from Google tasks and/or from your Toodledo account, or can be entered manually.
Also events from your calendars can be imported, to keep this time slots free for planning.

So you have a continuous overview, how much time is left for the day - the perfect dayplanning-tool.

Want to see PlanMyDay in your own language? Please help to translate it, and have a look at:

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Some notes about the required permissions

  • Internet: Because you can import Tasks from Google-Tasks and Toodledo and also Dropbox

  • Get and manage accounts and Use Credentials:
    Simplify login to your Google-Accounts to import tasks

  • Read Calendars: Import calendar data as time, which can not be used
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    Klaus Reger
    • 3.86


    Klaus Reger
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