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Photo Frames - Nature, Beauty

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Beautiful Nature, World Famous Waterfall Photos turned into Photo Frames to decorate your photos with the ability to Add Text and Draw on Photos in Styles.

How to Frame with a background:
1. Chose the photo you want to change the background.
2. Using AI we will remove the background of the photo.
3. Chose one of 1000's of photo backgrounds including Architecture, Animal backgrounds, and waterfall photos.
4. Adjust the photo on the background.
5. You can add text on the result photo or draw on the picture.
6. Save and background changed photo or share with friends and family.

How to Frame your photos with Waterfalls Frames or other nature Photos:
1. Select one of the 1000's world-famous Waterfalls photos or nature backgrounds.
2. Chose the Photo you want to include the Frame. You can choose the shape of the Photo to be Heart, Circle, Square, Star Photo.
3. Add Text on Photo or Draw on Picture free hand.
4. Save the Frames to your Photo Gallery.

You can set Live wallpapers easily:
1. Chose Waterfall backgrounds or nature backgrounds or animal backgrounds you want to use live wallpapers.
2. Set the category as live wallpapers.

Photo Frames now include the ability to Create Cover Pages for Social Networks. Create Cover Pages with your photos in Free Form Collages over Waterfall Photo Background.

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