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Experience 360° panorama images live in Panomax Version 4.0 in unprecedented quality!


Experience 360° panorama images live in unprecedented quality! By means of our highly precise photography technology we give our users the chance to enjoy fascinating colors from everywhere on computers, smart phones and tablets.

Up to 100 images are shot every day, so don't hesitate to try the "Movie"-Button! We also recommend you to have a look at our panoramas on your computer for more exciting features on!

Our PANOMAX 360° Livecam is a rotating camera which creates a seamless panorama with perfect exposure under all conditions. That is why it is already used in cities and on the countryside, as well as on mountains, near rivers and the sea. The 50 megapixels image creates the illusion of really being there. On large computer screens users can discover the environment without any limits by means of interactive hot spots which provide information and entertainment via image, video and text.

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Panomax GmbH
  • 3.83