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In this version we have completely changed the chat. Not only the design that is totally new but everything behind it, we hope you enjoy the improvements :)

We improve our app very often to give you the best possible experience, keep it updated!

If you have any questions or problems contact [email protected] and remember! if you like nootric give us 5 * :)


Nootric brings you personalized healthy living programs. Our nutritionists choose the best nutrition plan based on your profile, then personalize and adapt how they track it so that you learn to develop healthy habits, and so the results you achieve will last.

Our nutritionists follow the mindful eating approach, which involves learning to give your full attention to the act of eating, both physiologically and emotionally. This helps you to stop binge eating, and really enjoy food.

Long-lasting results are achieved by combining the best nutritional techniques with a complete app which allows our nutritionists to help you and supervise your progress.

Enjoy a healthier life thanks to a free or personalized diet, with healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes and tips to lose weight. Let a nutritionist guide you towards your goal with a weekly meal plan. Losing weight has never been so easy: reduce your calorie intake and lead a healthy life by learning to eat better. Your change starts with Nootric and our professional nutritionists!

Get our app and live a healthier life or lose weight without leaving your home. We use our own method based on the application of cognitive-behavioral techniques to improve adherence to our nutrition plans. Choose from two options: use our free app, where you can follow a nutrition plan with free recipes, or the Premium version with personalized diets, which as well as giving you the different nutrition plans, expands all features by providing you with thousands of recipes, tracking by a nutritionist, and the option of personalizing your meal plans with the foods you like most: the most effective way to lose weight.

What’s more, you will now have access to an even more varied nutritional meal plan, at the click of a button, thanks to the Meal Swap feature! You will also be able to mark your meals as done or not done, and earn daily and weekly points that you will soon be able to exchange for fantastic discounts.

The free version of Nootric offers:

- Weekly diet meal plan
- Weight loss and healthy living tips
- Access to over 100 free, healthy and simple recipes
- Home workout videos that will help you burn calories and lose weight, adapted to your progress to improve your results: workouts for glutes, abs, flat belly, toning, etc.
- Challenges and guides to change your habits and live a healthy life
- And every week comes with its own shopping list, to save you wasting time at the supermarket!

With the Premium version of Nootric, you will get a nutrition plan supervised by a nutritionist, and much more:

- Personalized weekly diet meal plan
- The option of adapting your meal plan to your tastes, by asking to swap foods you don’t like for others that you do.
- Chat with your personal nutritionist and design your meals to suit your needs with just the right calories.
- Over 1000 healthy, simple-to-cook recipes, that will make your meals more varied and fun. Linked to your weekly meal plan, they are made using natural ingredients.
- Rate, comment and upload photos of your dishes.
- Weight tracking and progress: your personal nutritionist will help you keep track of and achieve your goals.

Become the best version of you with Nootric!

For more information, write to us at: [email protected]

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