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Mazu Jewel is a classic match-3 game with exotic theme. There are many exciting Levels and you can do your best to make a higher scoer.
• Simple rules to match 3 or more same jewels vertically or horizontally to clear all the tiles to get the an lovey animal and bring it to the bottom
• You will experience a tuple when 4 jewels are aligned for a powerful bomb; a even more powerful flash can be formed by match 5 different jewel. If 5 or more jewels are crushed, you will get a fire ball which will help you to clear one colour jewels on the game board
• More then 1000 fun and challenging levels
Every Level you can get 3 stars !
Please note you may sometimes want to get more stars from previous stages.
To access previous stages, swipe the large tombstone left/right on the stage selection screen.

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