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What is MasterPassword?
MasterPassword is a password manager. It let you to have one password per site (facebook, credit card, bank webpage, twitter, etc) but you have yo remember just one: your Main Password.
With your main password, you can access to MasterPassword an see all your passwords.

Why MasterPassword?
There are three types of people:
1) Those who use same passwords everywhere.
2) Those who save their passwords in a file on his computer.
3) Those who use a password manager.

Using the same password on different sites is insecure: a bug in one, will compromise the safety of other. For example, a bug in faceebok would let access to your twitter account, if you use same password on both.
Saving your passwords in a file on your computer is also insecure: if someone gets access to the file, he will know all your passwords.
Password Managers are much safer than a file or repeat passwords, but has vulnerabilities: most of this programs keep your passwords in a encrypted file. This file, can be damaged, lost, stolen and decrypted in some cases, etc.

MasterPassword solves all this problems: it let you to have one secure password per site (credit card, bank webpage, facebook, twitter, etc) but just remembering one Main Password. These passwords are not stored anywhere, they are generated each time you need them using advanced mathematical algorithms.

What makes MasterPassword different?
MasterPassword never stores your passwords, they are generated each time you need them. Your unique password for a specific site will be always be the same, but in fact, that password is not stored in any file. That password can not be stolen.

All password are unique, the algorithms that MasterPassword uses guarantee that all passwords will be different: no other site will have the same password, and no other MasterPassword user will have any of your passwords.

How it works?
MasterPasswords uses one-way algorithms, like MD5 or SHA512, together with a Security Code that is unique per user.

Main features:
-Generates passwords quickly and easily.
-Multiple usernames per site (personal account, professional account, etc).
-Generates passwords quickly and easily.
-Simple and complete user interface.
-Multiplatform, using the BrainyBackup: you can generate your passwords on any smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.
-Settings backup system.
-Very customizable.
-And much more!

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