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Fix loading issues in Android 12
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If you have multiple files for a single model, such as obj / mtl/ textures etc. put all your files (such as model, material, textures, etc.) in a single directory and compress it to create a single zip file for e.g. test.zip, and upload this single zip file in the app to interact with the model. You can continue to upload single self contained files like fbx, stl etc. if there are no extra files. So if more than one file for model, zip and upload zip file, if a single file, upload the single file directly.

1. Load 3D models in FBX, Obj, STL, Glb, Gltf formats
2. Rotate, move, zoom/scale models
3. Control light brightness
4. Control light orientation
5. Control the background color
6. Load animated FBX models and pause them

7. Premium version (HOLOFIL-X) supports Face tracking, 3D animation export with payment

8. Supports upto 1M polygons
9. Might not work on some mobile phones (Please contact us if it does not)

Please send any feedback if you have (bugs / issues / 3d model files) to [email protected] to resolve the issues.

For the premium version HOLOFIL-X please check https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Artosci.HOLOFIL_X

Visit www.holofil.com to see the 3D visualization product device that uses these apps with more functionality for interaction. A demo video of the interactive usage in the HOLOFIL device is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAbqc7LWdZM

You can use this sample 3D model in obj format to load to test the app https://tinyurl.com/yddxh3kp

for more free 3D models please check sites such as below for the formats below.

Formats supported


Do not forget to check out our 3D games on Playstore that can be played on your mobile and further for a better experience in our consumer holographic device Holofil-cardboard. Check more here www.holofil.com/game-store

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