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HairKeeper - ingredients scanner

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Thank you for using HairKeeper!
We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance, update our ingredients database and add new features.

This release contains bug fixes and ingredients database update.


HairKeeper will help you to check the ingredients of hair cosmetics in a few seconds. Now is no need to guess what your shampoo contains - harsh or soft detergents, silicone or drying alcohol - just open the app.

What advantages does this app have?
- Using the camera on your phone scans the list of ingredients (not a barcode) of a shampoo, balsam or mask and covers in it the type of detergent (harsh, mild, gentle or very gentle), presence of silicones, drying alcohol, potential allergens, as well as emollients, proteins and humectants. What exactly it means you can read by clicking "Info" in the app;
- The application does not require an Internet connection, which is very helpful, for example, in shopping abroad, when there is no connection or you do not want to spend precious megabytes of roaming;
- Available in four languages: Russian, Polish, Spanish and English.

Scan functionality is limited in free version with 7 scans, then one time purchase is required to unlock unlimited scans.

All your suggestions and complains please write to - [email protected]

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