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Bug Fixes, performance enhancement, and NEW features which include Create or join Christian events, Support with multiple languages, Chat through private messaging, Invite Christians to GodConnect, Form Prayer Groups, Setup and Host Prayer Sessions, Live Stream, Find a Church Nearby by using GPS, Find Christian amenities in your neighborhood using GPS, Church Management Tools, Create Church Groups, Upload videos and photos, Create posts (with emojis), and Buy and sell in the Marketplace.


GodConnect uses technology to bring all Christians, Christian activities, and churches together, all in one place.
GodConnect is a powerful tool that is revolutionizing the way Christians connect. GodConnect allows Christians and churches to connect on a digital platform, form prayer groups, share in live broadcasts and messages, upload videos and photos, as well as establish deep spiritual connections with others around the world. There are functionalities to create church groups, create events, Live Stream, setup and host prayer sessions, conduct praise and worship sessions, share in E-Commerce throughout the Marketplace, Chat on Instant Messaging, find a Church Nearby using GodConnect GPS, and so much more!

Join us in building for God in the digital age!

Don’t forget to invite your family, friends, and acquaintances to GodConnect!

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GodConnect Online

GodConnect Online

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