FNF Mouse Craziness Injection

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FNF Mouse Craziness Injection

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FNF VS Mouse Craziness Injection

Friday Night Funkin' VS Mouse - Craziness Injection

This Epic Mouse Mod for the mobile. This time we meet Mouse once again, but this time it's based on the Randy Hilson's 1929 version. Boyfriend has a new old cartoon skin in black and white but there's also a colored version within the files so I've decided to show that too at the end of his 3rd phase. The chart is actually really good and was fun to play. This is only a demo so in the future this mickey mouse mod gonna be huge. We'll be playing it on very hard mode for all VS Mouse Craziness Injection songs.

Game Note: A silent night, with a mouse that has nothing to lose and with a random dude that wants to rap battle. Welcome to FNF: Craziness Injection. Another Suicide Mouse.avi mod? YEAH! But, we're not making a mod of the most famous version (Gorix one), we are making the mod about Randy Hilson's version.

What does this demo include?
3 songs (Bad Thoughts, Suffering & Overjoy)
New sprites and backgrounds
A 1930 screen effect

Feel funkin rhythm to tap the arrows perfectly match.
Try your best to get the highest score point.
Challenge your finger with different levels and difficulties mode.
Beat all enemies! Rock the beat! Dance with cg5!

- Super easy gameplay, NO need wifi
- Full weeks full songs
- Bunch of fantastic backgrounds and amazing sound effects.
- Be added more catchy songs, funkin context.
- Be updated monthly!

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