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File Manager for Android

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*** Minor bugs Fixed.
*** New features added.
*** Deletion of files, function has been fixed.
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Best file manager for android to use as file explorer and file browser, with this file manager for android you may explore music file, explore video files. You can use to open file manager same like desktop pc, soon we will launch Bluetooth file transfer and wifi file transfer options in this file manager and file explorer app. It will be a real commander for your files to explore files and to use it as a file browser on your smart phone. This is easy to use file manager app to use it as file explorer android device. It cannot be used as file manager for file manager as this file manager is only best file explorer for android devices. With this file manager you may use it as my files app to handle all files on your smart phone. Its best android file app, android file browser and file manager explorer. By using this file manager software you can explore and use it as music file explorer, video file explorer, documents file explorer, downloads file manager and pictures file explorer. It is best file explorer for android and file viewer for android and music file manager file share for android on social media. File Manager and File Explorer is smart file manager app to send anywhere file transfer and file browser and file manager for documents and to manager my android files easily. You can manage storage with file manager app. You can remove any unused app easily. You can Search file, picture folder, music folder, video folder by using file manager app.

file manager app Feature :

* Share files on Social Media and Gmail etc.
* Disk Space cleaner to clean junk files from your device.
* Copy, Move, Paste and Delete single / multiple files.
* Search any file using File Manager app.
* Open any file of MS Office Suit.
* Open file manager.
* Manage storage with file manager.
* Easy search file
* File manager for android.
* Easy to use File manager.
* Best music file explorer.
* File viewer for android.

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