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Images will now be exported only once
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Field Pad is a professional App for collecting data.

The typical users are companies and institutions that need to collect information within a specific domain of interest.

Field Pad uses a highly configurable workflow engine called Vortex. You can yourself configure the UI, rules checking the input data, map images, icons and other things that drives the user dialogues and quality control of the data. Anyone can create fairly complex applications without any need of programming (we supply a few examples with the App).

Field Pad has been proven robust for field use for several years with very low loss of data.


* Supports export of data in Json, GeoJson and csv format.
* Supports GPS location of entered data
* GIS function for maps
* All configuration files downloaded from a central server
* Supports broadcast updates of configuration files
* Export data to Cloud in Json or CSV format

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Field Pad

Field Pad

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