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Recent changes:

Thanks for using Everdance!

New volume feature - personal plan:
- selection of dance classes based on the personal preferences of the user;
- calculation of calories consumed depending on weight;
- progress tracker when passing the plan.

Also a minor bugs have been fixed.

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Learn how to dance with EverDance dancing app! Try personal dance class and the best dance workouts! Learn dance choreography. Do butt workout, cardio and plank workout with EverDance - the best one among dancing apps!

Try every style, dance & workout. Ballet lessons, twerk, hip-hop, kpop, step dance or salsa, butt workout, legs workout or plank challenge. Have fun and just dance! Dance lessons, weight loss, booty workout and many other ways to stay fit.

Share your dancing and twerking on Tik Tok, Instagram or Dubsmash. You’ll get thousands of likes and followers just for the dance workouts or dance challenge. Learn to dance with EverDance dancing app!

Our app is the unique platform for those who learn to dance, instructors and schools. Just dance now to become a super dancer or a dance teacher.

Create your personal profile, record video of your twerk dance workout, weight loss, pole dance, ballet workout or whatever you like. Download it so that tutors and your friends could see your success.

If you are a super dancer and want to earn some money teaching, record your dancing training for different levels and lead online groups. Try new dance challenge and learn dance choreography. Learn more here: https://everdance.app/for-instructors

Professional dance schools may find a lot of new students or do networking through our platform. Expand your capabilities and get the app to organize your work in the best way. More information for schools and studios here: https://everdance.app/for-studios

EverDance is also one of the best weight loss apps for women. Try our daily workout and exercising, butt workout and legs workout. Learn to dance with our dance class. Doesn’t matter if dancing is your way of life or you just want to get fit doing dance workouts. No need to go to the studio - just use the app for dance fitness. Our app is advisable for those who teach and learn to dance.

Learn how to dance with EverDance - best dancing app. Practice dance choreography, start dance challenge and have fun with our dance workouts. Try weight loss with our best workout app and dance class!

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