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Recent changes:

- Added aircraft symbol customization; see the 'target' button in the display menu. You can choose between 6 different styles.
- SID mode of departures can be enabled by dragging from the plane onto the waypoint.
- Various minor adjustments.


In this simulation game, you are the air traffic controller at the radar of a busy airport. The goal is to guide the airplanes safely towards the runway (using ILS approaches) to get a high score. If you make no errors, the number of planes you have to control gets greater and greater. How many flights at a time can you manage?

The game is minimalistic, yet realistic. The radar screen may look complicated at first, so please read the instructions in-game if you're unfamiliar with aviation. The game is in English only.

Select a plane, send it to a lower altitude (about 2000 feet), guide it to the blue ILS line at a large distance from the runway, and clear it for approach by enabling ILS mode, which means the plane will follow the line to the runway (make sure that the plane captures the blue line at a shallow angle).

For each plane you lead to the runway, you gain skill points, and the more skill points, the more planes will enter the airspace. Departing aircraft determine their heading and speed themselves; they only require an instruction to climb to a higher altitude. When you make mistakes, the skill level goes down a bit. Some planes have an additional 'RD' tag; these planes should land on the secondary 'RD' airport. When landing at parallel runways, make sure both planes are 1000 feet vertically separated until both planes are on their localizer.

For more detailed instructions see: https://startgrid.blogspot.com/2013/11/endless-atc-instructions.html

• unlimited amount of planes, multiple runways,
• give radar vectors like a real air traffic controller,
• amount of traffic adapts to your skill level,
• custom traffic and high simulation speed modes,
• automatic save function; resume where you left off,
• realistic plane behavior and pilot voices,
• no internet connection required,
• no ads.

This lite version includes one airport. For more airports, more challenges and realism, check out the full version of Endless ATC.

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