Dungeon Explorer: Pixel Adventure

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Dungeon Explorer: Pixel Adventure

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Recent changes:

Updated a lot of levels.
Now the game is a little easier
Removed the timer count
Adjusted the field of view for larger screens. No more "faith jumps"
Some bugfixing
Now it's a better game!


Dungeon Explorer Pixel Platformer is a fun challenging adventure game that takes place in a very dangerous dungeon. You play as treasure hunter exploring this pocket dungeon and you have to find your way out of every room. There are wandering snakes, spikes, jumping lava, lava pits, and many crazy obstacles on your way. Challenge your friends and show off your gaming skill by conquering all levels in this platformer game NOW!
Dungeon Explorer is pixel art game, following the classic adventure graphic style. If you love classic arcade or classic Platformer games, you will love Dungeon Explorer. You play as a treasure hunter who loves to explore dangerous dungeons full of mystery and monsters. You have to collect coins, find the treasure chest, and return to your entry point. Getting bitten by snakes, falling into lava pits or stakes, or touching other dangerous objects will also kill you.
 Play our RPG adventure platformer game for FREE.
 Pixel art game style with graphic similar to classic console games
 Explore the super dangerous dungeon as a treasure hunter.
 Two Maps with 12 levels each, and more to come
 Easy game control: Use the Left, Right, and Up buttons to move our hero.
 Cool background music and sound effects.
 Challenging monsters and dangers.
 Fun to Replay.
This pixel art game looks easy but it’s actually quite challenging, like those classic arcade games. Your timing must be perfect. One mistake and you need to start over again. You can only win if you’re persistent and keep trying. Get bored with one Map? Move on to the next Map or replay the previous levels to collect 3 stars achievements.
So are you ready to join us in this platformer adventure? Prove that you have the guts and skill. Download our dungeon adventure now and have fun!

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