Don't Touch My Phone - Prevent Mobile Phone Theft

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Don't Touch My Phone - Prevent Mobile Phone Theft

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Don't touch my phone app is a very simple to use app. It is to protect your phone from touching and stealing by bad guys and theft. You can use "don't touch my phone" app with ease of your mind. This app is also known as "do not touch my smartphone". It has best tools against snooper to steal your mobile phone / smart phones. This app "Don't touch my phone" provides you several features to use and protect your smart phone. It has best phone privacy features. Don't Touch my phone is anti mobile touch app from bad peoples and have alarms to start ringing, if unknown person pick it up. So any unknown person who touch your phone and there will no need to say please don't touch my phone.

This is a security alarm app. This burglar alarm app, starts working once it sense mobile movement. After activation of this app, if a person or any thief put it up, or move somewhere, it will start alarming. Even if you do it yourself, it will start beeping or playing sound that you set. It can not sense whether the owner of mobile phone is picking up or someone else. So, if you want to deactivate it, then you can do so. It also has PIN (Personal Identification Number) feature to make it more protected. Users can fix PIN to deactivate it. It can also help you to prevent children to access your mobile phone while you are sleeping.

How to use Don't touch my phone

This app Don't touch my phone is very simple app to use. Just use this app, on the front page, you will see an activate button, just click on it, and don't move, or put it on table or clean surface and then activate. There you go! if any person or thief try to put that phone, it start alarming. There are some other beautiful features waiting for you. Just like wallpapers within app, these wallpapers don't impact outside of app. these are specific for app only. You can select any ring tone. It has 6 different alarms to set for security.

Other Features

It has several good wallpapers to make it cool looking. Don't touch my phone is suitable for all kind of mobile phones and smart phones. It works well with all types.

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