DiagScan-car diagnostic elm327 obd2 codes scanner


DiagScan-car diagnostic elm327 obd2 codes scanner

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DiagScan is elm327 car diagnostic obd2 scanner for turn off Check Engine light. It read and reset the diagnostic fault codes (dtc) by elm327 with big obd2 codes guide for offline deciphering.
DiagScan app read car diagnostic fault obd2 codes from ECU by obd2 protocols by bluetooth and wifi elm327 with offline deciphering. It may help you in your car diagnostic.

Benefits of DiagScan use:
- A large number of supported obd2 communication protocols for different cars;
- An easy way to read obd2 codes and clear them by Wi-fi or Bluetooth elm327;
- A large number of descriptions of obd2 codes offline with the ability to share the result of decryption;
- Group decryption of error codes with the ability to share the result of decryption;
- Handbook of vehicle malfunctions with possible causes;

Also DiagScan is created to help you in the process of searching for failures in your car.
If you have obd fault codes, you may find code descriptions in the “OBD2 trouble code lookup” section. In this section of the application you may select your car brand and find an obd fault code description specifically for your car.
Now DiagScan has description for over 25000 codes.
If you don't have obd2 codes, or you haven't found a trouble code description in the “obd2 trouble code lookup” section, you may try to find troubles from your car diagnostic by the symptoms shown in the “Possible fault causes” section.

The DiagScan developer is not responsible for possible consequences of using the information presented in the given application.

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