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Cubita NOW has it all in one application: The latest news related to Cuba from different points of view that you want to know, as well as games that can test your cubanism and those you can share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

What makes us different?

With Cubita NOW you will never feel bored again. With this application you can:
1 - Conveniently receive personalized news based on your interest.
2 - Easily explore news related to Cuba, the United States, Venezuela and Latin America in general.
3 - Follow the latest in sports, science, health, art, culture and technology.
4 - Receive notifications of the news that are trending (trend) in the CubitaNow platform and in social networks.
5 - Use Interactive TV to watch news videos, music and Cuban humor.
6 - Easily set up the categories and preferences of your interest.
7 - Share the latest news with friends on social networks.
8 - Get news from multiple sources in a single application.
9 - To prove that he knows so much about Cuba through games (quizzes) related to cuidades, traditions, culture, sport, entertainment, history and others.
10 - Comment on a news or click on the reaction button to share your opinion.

If you have a problem using our application, please email us at [email protected] to help.

Do not forget to visit us at when you are on your computer.

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