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Welcome in CRACK LIST : the perfect mix for quiz and word game fans !
Test your General Knowledge by playing with words to guess the answers to lists of all kinds:

• 6 US cities that end in “O”: San Francisco - Orlando- Sacramento -…?
• 7 chocolate bars – Lion-Twix-Bounty..?
• 8 famous John ( Travolta, Lennon…)
• 9 black and white animals? dalmatian - panda- penguin…?

How to play ? nothing easier : all the answers are mixed in a word puzzle . Just paste all the right pieces together to complete the list and go to the next level.

Warning ! do not exceed the number of errors allowed otherwise you will have to start over
The three first answers are often the easiest ...

Breeze through hundred of levels of various topics : General knowledge, food, celebrities, animals, sports, music, movies, TV shows, brands, science, and more!..

Train your brain and enrich your knowledge with surprising and fun lists and become a World Crack of Crack List!

The ideal game for short, fun breaks every day

Next, you may use the remaining letters pieces to guess the missing answers
Hmm ... - Having trouble to complete the list ?
Don’t worry, our power-ups have you covered :

• power-up "+1" reveal the right answers piece by tiles
• power-up "trash" eliminate the fake tiles
• power-up "remix" redistribute the pieces of the puzzle

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