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Just imagine if you could send a message to anyone in the future. Would you congratulate your grandchild on their wedding? Would you send your son or daughter advice on looking for jobs or raising their own children? Would you remind your spouse how much you love them, even after you’re gone? This is the magic of CircleIt, the world’s first generational platform.

With CircleIt, you can:

MAKE FREE VOICE & VIDEO CALLS (now available!) Make 100% private, secure and FREE calls to family and friends around the world. Whether you’re chatting with one person, or ten – CircleIt keeps all of your calls secure with end-to-end encryption. Save your video chats so you can preserve the memories for future generations.

Guest Mode: Experience the delight of sending and receiving digital cards and gifts with your friends and family without the need to create an account. Plus, you can use our future delivery feature to send your card to any future date.

Create & send digital greeting cards for your family and friends, personalize them with attached media, and schedule them to be delivered to any future date.

Chat privately with loved ones on our end-to-end encrypted network. Schedule messages to arrive on any future date or time. So whether you need to wish your child good luck on a final exam, or remind your spouse you love them 20 years from now, you can do it with CircleIt.

Build and nurture your family tree, with information that will be discovered by future generations. Instead of keeping documents and photos in a box in the basement, you can store these precious memories in a secure digital time capsule for your family to cherish and enjoy.

The CircleIt app is 100% free to use. We’ve been referred to as “Hallmark for the 21st century” by press and media outlets, and our 4 million+ happy members around the world are happily sharing memories with their families and friends.

CircleIt is the perfect app for families. Parents can use it to store memories for their children. Grandparents can send gifts for important milestones in the lives of their grandkids. Terminally ill individuals can leave messages for those that they love to receive in the future. Police, firefighters and military personnel can have peace of mind knowing their families have mementos of their love. Create your holiday cards with ease, and save money on postage too!

Download & install CircleIt today, and start preserving your legacy and sending cards & gifts to the future.

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Improved user interface
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