Child Reward - chores, rewards and statistics

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Child Reward - chores, rewards and statistics

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Recent changes:

Tasks and rewards interface improvements.


Application is based on a star point system. The parent can add tasks and rewards for kids. The individual task can have a different value. After collecting the appropriate number of stars you can collect the reward.

The most important functionality of the application is the ability to creating a panel for a kid. Synchronise both account is simple as scanning the QR code. The panel allows you to complete everyday chores. After completing the task, the parent automatically receives a notification. The parent can confirm or reject child tasks.

Main functionalities:
- Control panel for both parent and kids.
- Notifications
- A calendar showing the progress of work.
- Lists of tasks and rewards with individual category and weight.
- Different type of tasks: everyday, days of week, exact date.
- Predefined tasks and rewards for each category.
- Advanced statistics

How does it work?

For Parents:
1. Select “I’m a parent” from the main panel.
2. Log in with Google, Facebook or enter as a guest.
3. Go through the initiation tour.
4. The application is now fully functional. You can confirm tasks, claim rewards and check the rewards history.

For Kids:
1. Login as a parent
2. Press the child card on the main panel.
3. Press on the "Login as child" from option in the upper right corner.

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