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Carrier Joe 2

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New part of Carrier Joe! The game has become much more beautiful and interesting!
Everything has changed, except the very idea of ​​cargo transportation.
Start your business with an old, rusty pickup truck and try not to burn out at the very beginning. Long trips to different cities await you and yes, sometimes you will not be bad paid for it, but there are a lot of expenses. Then the engine broke down, then the brakes failed. Also, cameras with traffic lights always make you alert and catch the brakes on time. Also, document check points and a road patrol appeared. They, too, will drink quite a bit of your blood, especially if you are carrying an illegal load.
And yet, here you will find a lot of good things:
- Your loneliness can brighten up a random fellow traveler)
- The joy of buying a new engine that will make your car drive in a new way.
- Other sensations from driving a new car.
- Pleasant landscapes.
- Transportation of goods
- realistic physics
- a large selection of cars from cars to trucks
- large selection of trailers
- realistic wear on parts
- the ability to open new categories in the driver’s license
- great graphics
- trucker simulator
- truck simulator
- arguably the best 2D car and truck driving simulator

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