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We improved everything! Our product and engineering teams have spent the last 18 months evaluating and improving Bouncie. The app is faster, more intuitive, and loaded with updated features and performance improvements. You're gonna love it!


Driving smarter starts here.

Location • Where it is. Where it’s been.
Each second during a trip, Bouncie records the vehicle’s location. The app automatically updates every 15-seconds. Location is everything!

Safety • All cargo is precious.
With accident notification and roadside assistance, everyone can rest knowing Bouncie is alongside on every trip.

Insights • Better decisions while on the road.
Bouncie unlocks access to real-time driving insights. With notifications for speed, acceleration, hard braking, idle time, and more; better decisions can be made while on the road.

Health • A picture of health. Perfect!
Bouncie continually monitors your vehicle’s health and alerts you when something needs your attention. Manage the little things before they become big problems!

OBD Device • Bouncie is the smallest cellular OBD device anywhere and is completely self-contained!

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