Bird Color Sort : Puzzle Game

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Bird Color Sort : Puzzle Game

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Bird Color Sort : Puzzle Game is a totally free, fun and addictive puzzle game. If you want to relieve some stress and work your brain a little, then don't miss out on this amazing sorting puzzle game! You might have seen a lot of the water sorting game, but Bird Color Sort : Puzzle Game brings in a new style of sorting puzzle. It's unique, it's challenging, it's also very relaxing.

This game requires focus and strategy for you to match all the colorful birdies. With soothing music and birdies singing peacefully on the side, you are gonna have a great time improving your strategy play and train your intelligence.

- Easy to play, hard to master. Are you up for the challenge?
- State of the art graphics and ASMR quality sound.
- Great puzzle game to exercise your brain and to pass time.
- New background and item for you to unlock.
- No time limit, no pressure! Carefully think about your move, you can do it!
- Up to hundreds of unique levels keep you engaged and entertained for hours long!

- Move birdies by tapping them and then tapping the target branch.
- Only the outer side birdies can move.
- Birdies of the same color are linked and have to move together.
- For the target branch, it must be empty or its outer birdies must match your moving birdies (They have the same color).
- One branch can only hold a certain amount of birdies.
- Fewer moves will lead to higher scores.
- Try not to get stuck. Remember you can always undo your move or even restart the sorting altogether.

Discover species such as hummingbirds, doves, cuckoos, pigeons, waders, pelicans, woodpeckers, toucans, parrots, owls, eagles, parakeet and many more in Bird Color Sort : Puzzle Game! What are you waiting for? Download NOW!

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