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Automatically Refresh Browser Reload Website with our Bot App with Two Browser Integrated and You Can Set Your URL and the Time Interval of time. You Can Easily Edit Settings And Do Much More.


Want To Reload And Refresh Website Automatically?
Our App Does That it has a Bot Which Will Reload the Website At The Time Interval Given By You.

It is an additional utility tool that gives you extra additional functionality with browsing.

Easy Auto Refresh And Auto Refresh Plus WIthin The Same App.
The configuration can be changed anytime from the settings Option.
Auto Web reloading with your browser.

The App Will Remember The Website/Url And Will Restore the Same URL From The Next Time.
Our Web Auto Reloader will help you see the update page with the time intervals entered by You.

Features of AutoWeb Page Reloader:-
Our Automatic Browser Refresher App will save the URL When You enter
and will Load the same URL Next Time.
Use 2 Web Browser At The Same Time.

This Auto Refresh for Android needs only Internet Permission to display
and refresh the web page.
You can change the settings even when the web browser is refreshing and
the settings will be automatically applied.

User Friendly.
Smooth Loading.
Mobile Responsive.
Works In Background.
Two Different Themes: Black And White.

BookMark Support.
History Support.
Download support.
Default Time Interval and Period is 25 Seconds.

It is a Web Browser That has Extra Function that will help you to reload
your Website.

Refresh Any WebPage From A Browser Window at a Regular Time Interval.
AutoWeb Reloader Will Help You Monitor the Changes In The Website.

Our App offers the most efficient and easiest way to do Automatic Website Refresher and Reloading.

If required, the app will automatically prefix web addresses with ‘http://' and even ‘www.’ to save you time.
The Page will automatically refresh and Load the Data at a particular Interval you Give In the settings.

This is an Automatic Web Browser Reloader Also a Web Auto reloader, Web Browser Reloader.

You can contact us at [email protected] for any feedback or help.
We will be more than happy to help you out :)

We Wish You a Great Day Ahead.

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