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Arduino IoT Cloud Remote

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Recent changes:

Introduced a new gallery visualization of the dashboard list.
You will be able to select a cover image for each dashboard, in order to choose it with ease!

- Fixed a bug related to wrong visualization of timestamps in the chart widget


A powerful companion for the Arduino IoT Cloud - simply access, monitor and control your dashboards with a few screen taps.

Arduino IoT Cloud Remote can be very useful in a variety of use cases where you need to monitor or control regardless of the time or place:
- In the field: you can read the data from your soil sensors or start your irrigation system directly from anywhere.
- In the factory: constant visibility of the state of your manufacturing process status, with the ability to control your automation remotely.
- In the home: simply monitor your home automation systems, check your previous or actual energy consumption from the convenience of your sofa.

Create your dashboards on from your computer or tablet and control them with IoT Cloud Remote from your phone. When creating your dashboards on the Arduino IoT Cloud you can link your widgets to multiple IoT projects for maximum flexibility. Featuring a broad set of versatile and simple widgets, including:
- Switch
- Push-button
- Slider
- Stepper
- Messenger
- Color
- Dimmed light
- Colored light
- Value
- Status
- Gauge
- Percentage
- Map
- Chart

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