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***Changelog - 28th Sept 2014***

App is now free for Audio version.


Ahsanul Qawaid is famous for helping children and beginners, across the world, learn to read the Quran.

We've now brought Ahsanul Qawaid into digital mobile for Android but using the scientific learning of Flash Cards.


The most important feature of this app is the use of Flash Cards:

Flashcards are the effective and easiest way to learn and remember new information. Furthermore, they simplify and condense information so that you only learn the important facts and ideas. In flashcards, the content of books has been stripped down to its essence and placed into a format that is easy to read and understand.

Following features:

- Lessons and exercises clearly laid out for easy learning using Flash Card Method to speed up learning.
- Use arrows to go through the Flash Cards from Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right.
- Bookmark Lessons and Exercises for viewing later.
- Use touch to "turn" pages over
- High Resolution Images for Phones, 7-inch Tablets and 10-inch Tablets
- Professional Arabic Voice
- Clear recitation with correct Tajweed
- Voice activated when Letters/Words/Phrases are clicked

It has been developed under the supervision of Sheikh Abdul Wadood, on behalf of Suffah Academy. A non-profit organisation based in Hyde, UK. Suffah Academy provides important education and development to Muslim children on the basic teaching of Islam.

The reciter is Abu Muhammad. He studied under Shaykh Rashid Musa and completed the Islamic Theology degree at Dârul-'Uloom Bury in 2005. Studied Arabic modules (while studying Computer Science) at The University of Manchester and self-studied for AS Level Arabic and got an A (in 2008). Currently studying further in the 'ilm of Qirâ-ah with Shaykh Yusuf Darwan.

He is one of the founders of the WellWishers Trust http://wellwishers.org.uk/, a charity that aims to help humanity, foster good relations and improve the wellbeing of the community. You can follow him on twitter @naseehah

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