AENIGMA. Riddles and Questions.

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AENIGMA. Riddles and Questions.

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Recent changes:

The music theme has been replaced with Internet radio. The list of available radio stations will be replenished in the background.

In development a completely new mode - GeoPuzzles! Guess the most interesting puzzles and secrets with reference to places you know!

Thank you for being with us!


Our world is full of secrets and mysteries. This game is designed to dispel even a small part of them. It is specially designed in such a way that you can exchange your knowledge, experience and observations with other players.


★ Two PVP modes - Superiority and Cooperative. Guess five riddles faster than your opponent and win a well-deserved victory! Or you can try to guess the riddles with your friend in Cooperation mode, where the outcome of a duel of minds depends on your mutual decisions!

★ Make your own riddles! Give them unique rules and the size of the payoff.

★ Guess the riddles of other players! Appreciate their creativity with a good response and high rating!

★ Many subjects to choose from: Logical, Math, Child, Dirty, Charade, Proverb, Aphorism and Ordinary.

★ Improve and distribute your gaming skills, gaining significant benefits during or after the game!

★ Participate in the monthly Tournament and Trials! Get valuable prizes for the victory, but remember that there are only three winners ...

★ Your way of Knowledge and Experiments will be marked by significant Accomplishments. Reach them all to get a significant advantage over your competitors!

★ Play with your computer offline. Here you will find more than 1500 fascinating riddles from around the world.

★ Three modes of guessing:

★ In the classic Riddle, you consistently open letters - both correct and not correct, until you find the right answer.

★ In the Quiz you have to choose one of four answers. You do not have the right to make a mistake ...

★ In Secrets, only the correct letters are opened to you, but if the answer is wrong, there is a significant reduction in the time limit.

Look for patterns in the surrounding world, use vivid analogies and put them in the form of fascinating Mysteries. And know that your rivals have already prepared for you many unique secrets! By improving yourself, remember that you are doing smarter and those who are close to you ...

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