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تطبيق يلا جملة
التطبيق الوحيد لتجارة الجملة في مصر


Our goal is to provide the best experience for retailers, shop owners and e-commerce sellers, and to connect them directly with trusted factories, importers and wholesalers to purchase their goods at real wholesale prices to achieve distinct profits and to avoid the hassle of travel and waste of time and expenses.

Yalla Gomla is the only application that collects all wholesalers in one place
Through Yalla Gomla, you will be able to communicate and deal with the best manufacturers, importers, and wholesale offices.
You will also be able to identify the appropriate products for your commercial activity and know the prices in all transparency and honesty, whether wholesale or retail.
You will communicate directly and without an intermediary with more than 200 factories, importers and wholesale offices in Egypt.
You will find more than 50 unique businesses that you can choose from that suit you and you can make excellent profits.
You will be able to make a live visit to the merchant through a full video about the store for viewing, documentation and credibility.
You will be able to get exclusive offers and discounts from manufacturers, importers and wholesale offices directly, whether by ordering online or by visiting the merchant directly
With Yalla Gomla, you will learn about everything new in the world of wholesale and e-commerce, and the dates for receiving and arriving new goods

With Yalla Gomla...we will make the trading easy for you

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