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Recent changes:

Gigworks is now rebranded as Works! Works provide better access to businesses and job opportunities that pays talents what they’re worth. Find the right talent with the expertise you need or work for quality clients from some of the world’s leading enterprises.

Some advanced features that will add value to you: job matching system, AI translation, elimination of fees to talents and lower platform fees to clients, a token reward mechanism, and more!

Be part of Works now.


Looking to hire for your next project? Need to meet time and budget constraints? Works is here to help.

As Asia’s first talent marketplace empowered with blockchain technology, Works introduces the most decentralized way of work that allows people from different parts of the world to connect, grow, and succeed together. On Works, you are getting access to the world's leading enterprises and top 3% talents.

Works provides you with top-tier engineering and design experts who are ready to take on your most essential projects.

Software Engineer/Mobile•Web Developer/Data Analyst/QA Testers
UI•UX Designer/Experience Architect/UX Analyst/Interaction Designer


On Works - You gain limitless access to Asia's largest network of professionals, who are eager to help you grow your business. Whether you're starting a new business or need some extra help on a tight deadline, everything you need is right here in Works.


For Enterprises:

- Hire only top tier talents with the lowest platform fee within 48 hours.
- Review, compare, and hire the best-in-class experts for your projects.
- Utilize Works to communicate, share files, and collaborate anytime you want.

For Talents:

- Gain access to an ever-expanding pool of entrepreneurs and multinational corporations looking for new talent.
- Set your own hours and prices to match your abilities, work on your own schedule, and communicate with your clients whenever and wherever you like.
- Get paid on an hourly basis, for all the time you spent on the job.
- Keep 100% of your hard-earned money without paying any platform fee.
- Earn WORKS tokens on top of your job payment

For Connectors:

- Invite and onboard users to the Works platform.
- Earn tokens by referring talent or client
- Earn a percentage of the referee’s invoice in WORKS token when they start to transact.


It can’t be easier!

• Choose from tens of thousands of creative and innovative professionals
• Quality assurance and payment guarantee
• Connect with talents and clients 24/7/365
• Safe, easy, and efficient payment options
• Available at all times and in all places.


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