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Wordabula Mobile

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Play Wordabula, one of the most popular word-based game in the world. It is specifically designed for players seeking to improve their word-building skills and to challenge themselves in fair and quick turn around fashion. If you dislike waiting around for your opponent to make the move and want a game that is far less conducive to cheating, Wordabula is the game for you!!!

Addictive Features:

- Simple and familiar game play you love
- Play against the computer in offline mode
- Play with a friend next to you in offline mode (i.e. pass & play)
- Multi-Lingual (currently in English, Turkish and Arabic with more languages to come)
- Flexible preference settings (i.e. language, move time, game type)
- Live play (online mode against a friend and/or a random opponent) with desired game settings
- Quick game conclusion with defined move times
- Less cheating with single move allowance per turn

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Wordabula Mobile

Wordabula Mobile

Kaşa A.Ş.
  • 3.82