Turkish Articulation Therapy

Ayşegül Turan

Turkish Articulation Therapy

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Recent changes:

Turkish Articulation Therapy has now improved photographs. In order to be used by young children and adults, we put symbol cues inside photographs. In this way, the most abstract concepts are going to be understood by children as well as adults who are learning Turkish for the first time.


Teach yourself /your child / student / individuals how to pronounce and to listen the sounds in the Turkish language.

Türkçe Artikülasyon Terapisi is the only articulation & speech app in Turkish. Created by Speech & Language Clinican Ayşegül Turan®.

Try Türkçe Artikülasyon Terapisi for FREE!

When you first download Türkçe Artikülasyon Terapisi, you will receive the entire J sound program to try for free. Additional sound programs can be purchased from within the app as needed. Each sound program in Türkçe Artikülasyon Terapisi is priced based on the amount of content each one offers.

It is a complete articulation program offering at the word and phrase level 21 sounds in the Turkish. Seven engaging activities are presented via over 1600 real photographs isolated on a white background that are easy to identify. The whole program is based on standard Istanbul Turkish.

Türkçe Artikülasyon Terapisi also includes:
-Customize word lists
-Voice recording for auditory feedback
-Quick tutorials on teaching both in Turkish & in English
-International Phonetic Alphabet cues on each sound program
-Simplified special needs category in the beginning of each sound program
-Pop up game
-Over 1600 flashcards in all sounds
-Comprehension games after every target sound
-Auditory discrimination activities on Turkish minimal pairs
-Sight words reading on each sound program

Since Türkçe Artikülasyon Terapisi supports activities that encourage, attention, listening, phonological awareness and production of vowel - consonant combinations, can help parents, teachers support regular speech practice. Finally, this articulation & speech bundle is also suitable for those who have Down’s Syndrome, Autism, ADD, Mental Retardation, Dyslexia, Speech Apraxia, Speech Delayed alongside Bilingual children and adults and adults who have Parkinson disease and Aphasia.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Turkishdiction/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aysegulturan17/

Copyright© 2017 by Ayşegül Turan®

Project Manager: Ayşegül Turan
Photo Editors : Engin Kılıç, Aydın Tibet
Photographs : Ayşegül Turan
Software Support : G Boson Interactive

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