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Trippy Sound Visualization

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Recent changes:

New crazy geometries to play with including "odyssey" and "icy moon".

A reward for those interested in science: will you find the aliens?

Cleaner interface and minor fixes and changes for a better experience.

A better "mood light" mode.


This happy sound and music visualisation app converts sound frequencies into light/colour frequencies, in the most scientifically accurate visualisation process available on Android. Will you find the aliens?

Special Features:
- Many geometries to explore the colour of your sounds
- Mood light mode for music-responsive ambient light projection
- Science page to learn more about our senses
- Secret modes to unlock

1: The visualization will begin immediately. Speak to your phone or play some music in the room. Select different geometries with 2 fingers.
2: Instructions are included in the app, you can access them any time with two fingers.

The art of synesthesia:
As trippy psychedelic synesthesia art, this app is an exploration of the relationship between our audio and visual senses, and the nature of our consciousness.

The science of the senses:
Your eyes contain 3 colour receptive cells, each having different sensitivities within the perceptible light spectrum. At the same time, your ears have different sensitivities over the audible spectrum. In addition, our eyes and ears re-adjust depending on the intensity of light and sound. Using real data on the nature of our sensory organs, the ambient sound spectrum picked up by your device's microphone is converted into light in real-time, so you can for the first time see the colour of your voice, music, nature and environment.

This app forms part of a larger project of synesthesia and sound visualisation. For more information, apps and more details about the science involved, please visit the blog site:
If you would like to contribute music for a future release, or use this process in your own projects, live performances, VJ sets, or other, please send me an email.

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