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Recent changes:

"I think sometimes in life, the biggest challenges end up being the best things that happen in your life." - Tom Brady

This update contains a plethora of improvements & bug fixes, including:
- Improved app launch time
- Improved push notification experience
- Added 'Pin to Profile' option for training posts
- Added new 'Race' option to Goals feature
- Added NFC shoe tag tracking
- Improved Settings view & design
- Improved Welcome view & design

.. and a lot more!


With Trackster, athletes, coaches and teams of all levels can take their training to the next level for FREE.

Use Trackster to post daily training, create training plans, view insights & stats, record runs with GPS, compete in contests and a whole lot more!

Whether you're an everyday runner looking to have a more engaging and fun experience or a top-tier elite athlete looking to compete with the best in the world, Trackster has what you need. Absolutely free forever.

Device integrations:
- Garmin
- Coros
- Polar
- Wahoo
- Suunto
- Also in-app Android and iOS GPS feature

Training Plans:
- Build a training calendar and share with athletes for free. Unlimited plans and unlimited access.
- Attach videos & files (like a core routine or pace chart)
- Duplicate plans for easy and quick building
- Save session templates
- Drag 'n drop support throughout plans

Training Posts:
- Post your training with description, image/video, shoe and a lot more
- GPS details include heart rate, elevation, cadence and a ton more
- Comment and share with friends to stay engage with training
- Export maps and images to social media
- 'Everyone', 'Team only', 'Me only', or 'Ghost' privacy options to ensure your safety and security

- View your training stats with tons of detail
- View heatmap of your most recent training locations
- Create & track training with Goals
- View Trackster leaderboards of the overall best in the community

Route Records:
- Create a route to begin keeping track of route records
- Record GPS training on that route for Trackster to automatically keep track of the best efforts and compare with the entire world!

- Create virtual contests to compete with friends and rivals anywhere in the world
- Compete with a specific event type (like a 5K) or total time or total distance
- View progress of everyone in the virtual contest page

AND MORE! This is just scratching the surface of all of the free features on Trackster.

Trackster has more features than any other running app with NO FEES! Get started with the ultimate running app today!

Visit to learn more.

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